Doris Riedweg lures us into this tale of deception and deliverance with abundant sensory description, clever foreshadowing, and a blend of well-developed characters. Protagonist, Sarah Fielding, is a model of strength and integrity as wife, mother, and community member. But she is not without her own secrets. Just when we think we've figured out who, in this cast of small town characters, we like and who has rightfully earned our contempt, Riedweg adds another element of intrigue to the storyline, testing our loyalties right up to the final chapter. As a group, in their collective humanness, the characters symbolize the many sides of us. Ultimately, we are able to empathize with each of them.

Mary Ellen Reid,
Creative Writing Instructor


With her unique style and attention to detail, novelist Doris Riedweg brings to life the culture of the mid twentieth century. Still Waters is a beautiful story of love, and of power, prejudices and intolerance between individuals, families and church affiliations. The author has woven many twists and turns into the plot. Just when the reader figures out how it will unfold another surprise is waiting.
This is also a fascinating account of hospital training schools of that era with their expectations and demands on student nurses. Residence life and strict adherence to rules, both on and off the wards, reflect the cultural mores expected of women in that decade.

Billie Askey,


Even as late as the mid-twentieth century marriage between people of different faiths was frowned upon by adherents to both the Protestant and Roman Catholic churches. So, in the eyes of her staunchly Catholic father, Tyne Milligan has committed the unpardonable sin of falling in love with a man of the Evangelical faith. In Still Waters, Doris Riedweg paints a graphic picture of the struggles and conflicts that result from such an alliance.
Moreover, Riedweg draws upon her nursing experience to bring to life another era in hospital training schools by her skillful portrayal of the drama played out in the lives of staff, their patients and families. Still Waters is a delightful yet thought-provoking read.

Loreena Lee,
author of Satin Shoes