The third book in the Water series following Still Waters & Water in the Wilderness
published by Liberos Libertad Publishing
Launch will take place on Saturday, May 24 from 1:30 to 3:30 at Langley City Library in the City Hall,
204th Street & Douglas Crescent. The author will give a short reading from her book.
Come, meet the author and her publisher, and enjoy refreshments.

In this third novel in the Water series, Riedweg quickly draws us into the turbulent world of the Cresswells’ adopted daughter, Rachael.  Now 16, Rachael yearns for more freedom and excitement than a prairie farm has to offer. While her younger brother is blissfully content tending cows, Rachael is not, preferring instead the company of her wild older cousin. This attraction both puzzles and concerns her parents, but they are distracted by an unexpected challenge of their own.

Rachael’s frustration brims over, leading to a rash decision. Slowly but surely, she is pulled into a dangerous, shadowy world. Her inner strength and faith are sorely tested, as are those of her family. We, the readers, become desperately hopeful, trudging wet city streets with a girl whose teardrops feel like our own. 

Seamless and compelling, Wellspring of Love is a not just a story of peril and courage, but a testament to hope, faith and love

Anthea Farr, Freelance writer & editor

* * *

Fury of the Wind – a novel, 2009 by Libros Libertad Publishing.

In 1948 an unemployed schoolteacher from Ontario, seeking love and a better life, arrives in rural Saskatchewan only to find prejudice, bigotry and a web of dark secrets surrounding her future husband.

Still Waters – a novel,
2010 by Libros Libertad Publishing.     

The year is 1951 and Tyne, a young nursing student in Alberta, finds herself in bitter conflict with her parents because of her decision to marry a man who is not of their faith. Then one of her best friends makes a life changing mistake, while Tyne’s plans for her own future crumble.

Water in the Wilderness – a novel (sequel to STILL WATERS), 2012 by Libros Libertad Publishing.

Happily married, Tyne is content in her dual role of farmer’s wife and hospital nurse until a late night conversation with a patient sets in motion a series of heartbreaking events that she could never have imagined.