About the Author

Doris Riedweg, a native of Saskatchewan and a former registered nurse, began a writing career in 1992 at the age of sixty-two. She has had numerous articles and short stories published in newspapers and literary magazines, and two of her short stories have won awards in magazine-sponsored contests.

She is president of the Langley Writers’ Guild, an active group of writers of all genres, and of which she has been a member for eighteen years. For many years she regularly attended the Surrey International Writers’ Conference.

Doris Riedweg is the author of three novels, Fury of the Wind, Still Waters and Water in the Wilderness. She published the first of her three novels at the age of 78, and is currently working on the next book in a series.

Doris entered nursing school at Vancouver General Hospital at the age of 23, later than the standard age in those years. She pursued an active career in surgical nursing in hospitals in BC and Nova Scotia. Raised on a farm in Saskatchewan, she returned to her farming roots when she married husband John at the age of 37, and came to live on the family farm in Langley where they still reside.

A self-described late starter, Doris intends/hopes to be a late finisher as well.